Privacy Policy

ISOS take your privacy very well and seriously. A privacy policy is a description of the collection of personal information collected and used as is. Some privacy policy you need to learn is intended that your privacy when accessing ISOS maintained and safe.

ISOS already get RapidSSL privacy seal signifying that this privacy statement and all our service have been reviewed to required RapidSSL program can be seen on the validation page is available by clicking on the icon seal RapidSSL certificate. If you are not satisfied with our response you can contact RapidSSL on this link. RapidSSL program applies only to information collected on ISOS ISOS web version and mobile version.

The collection of information
The collected of information by every web server, the information collected is basic information about the visitors of a website. Some basic information commonly collected ie IP address, browser, time and reference pages are accessed. Some of the information in particular can not identify visitors clearly on this site. The purpose of the information is for the administration and maintenance of the site in order to provide the best information useful to visitors ISOS.

Cookies and Web Browser For Users ISOS web version
Cookie information and a web browser if necessary and possible ISOS using it as a preference visitor or visitors and also a history to serve and provide the content material and the appropriate information.

This site may be advertisements from other parties or third parties may also use cookies or script even a web browser that is used to mandapatkan basic visitor information that is useful to display advertisements and other useful information. The activity was carried out by a third party in this case as a waiter ads that appear on this site. Which of these activities are on a server that they use themselves and berdaarkan policies and priavasi them.

Controlling and Maintain Your Privacy
In the Privacy You can also set and change the browser settings that you use. In this case if you want you can disable cookies in your browser settings. But setting by disabling cookies may not be advisable because it can disrupt service to some of the sites you access. The best and is the ideal setting to disable it at specific sites. Please consult the documentation about the information the browser you are using so that you can set your browser cookies and how to set up a tracking mechanism that is done.

Provisions About Google Advertising
Google Inc. as well as media advertising publisher, every ad served, and several affiliated companies may be controlled by setting the cookie. Ads that appear may use cookies as the basis ads appear when you access the site. Please learn and get complete information about how to get out of Google's use of cookies. Based on the above references, tracking done by Google through cookies is subject to the rules and policies priasi on Google itself.

Information Contact Us
If you need additional information or questions about this privacy policy, namely the ISOS site please contact us further and contact us by email info@isocontrolsystem.